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Art in Maui Hawaii

There is so much art in Maui Hawaii, that it is necessary for a smart buyer to do its homework to get good quality. There are galleries, crafts markets, open markets, tent markets, everyday sale markets and silent auctions. The silent auctions are the most generous, since the money goes to the needy or nonprofit organizations, 501c3. The most expensive are the galleries, the mark-up is about 400% or higher and they will charge you every fee possible in the book. Obviously, a buyer buys a piece because they like it, and secondly the buyers are convince by the seller or saleperson of its value and beauty. The art's  presentation gimmick, is to put the buyer in a dark room and decrease the light to show the color effects; it works. If a seller is telling you about value evaluation, he is full-of-it. The only art that has increased in value over the last several yearsare the masters, impressionism and post modernism. Point in fact is "The Scream" by E. Munch, a Norwegian artist which sold for over $100,000,000. His art was so bizarre at the time he lived, his critics called it junk. For most of his life he was supported by his father. He was influenced by Gaugin and Tolouse Lautrec. If you happen to buy a piece today, and it is a giclee reproduction copy, do not expect any money back. If you buy and original and for some reason the artist becomes world famous, then you are in luck. It is somewhat like the stock market. If you google art or artists you will find millions of options. My advise to you is buy art that you like, not a giclee reproduction copy, not art framed with a glass cover and definitely not art on cheap mediums. In retrospective, history has proven that the original oil canvas pieces are the most valuable for now and the future. Respectfully submitted and thank you.




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