Original Oil Paintings


Art is an interpretation of the human conciousness and then conveyed via a medium to an specific place. Most art in antiquity were originals. It was rudimentary art and specific to caves, since caves were the habitable environment for clans and their families. Most art if interpreted to be REALISM, was the interpretation of the artist, and whether or  not exactly depicting the subject matter it was construed to be an ABSTRACT or IMPRESSIONISM or SURREAL etc.etc.

Man has been dealing with the subject of art to interpret life, war, revolutions and many other topics that circumscribe its daily activities and routines. Each masterpiece, specially if an original, have been written about in the hystory books and the ones that achieved notoriety have been sold for millions.

The most important aspect of any art is its originality, the composition of its subject matter to the viewer, the colors and most important who buys it, because they like it. Any artist that can sell its works, has basically found an audience whose common denominator is "enjoyment of the art" and "loving it". Selling of the art is the ultimate accomplishment for an artist. If you dont sell it, then you are labeled, "an staving artist". And there are plenty of them. An important fact today in the art world is that there is art everywhere and most everyone is an artist. The YES YOU CAN symdrome in humanity has been become the ultimate aspiring endeavor to manifest or create. If you GOOGLE art today, you will find that there are millions of websites containing all kinds and types of art.

The GICLE reproductions in my opinion has degenerated the value of art. So beware of copies of the originals. If you intend to become an art collector, always buy an original. The average person today is equiped  to distinguish a copy from an original. In context you were created and are an original, so always purchase an art piece that reflects originality. Thank you.







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